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About Fictions & Fandoms

Fictions & Fandoms (F&F) is a book news, review, and commentary site designed to explore and promote the best science fiction & fantasy novels — and the fandoms that love them. 

The primary focus of this site is fiction across all sub-genres of sci-fi and fantasy. This includes audience-demographic divisions like adult, young adult, and middle grade. We’re also very interested in the fandoms and followings that spring up around our favorite books and worlds. 

While the site is in its initial start-up phase, with features like book reviews and publishing news,  our content and feature offerings will expand after launch. Expect author spotlights, in-depth essays, and a look at other media with ties to print fiction. 

Our Goal: Enthusiastic & Thoughtful Exploration of SFF

F&F is a celebration of books, but although we approach all of them with enthusiasm, our reviews are intended to be fair, critical, and thoughtful. All criticism is meant in good faith, with no disrespect to the authors themselves. We aim to be both excited and intellectual, avoiding both the unnecessarily surly rants and uncritical fan-squee common to online reviews. 

Our desired audience is passionate book readers who want to meaningfully engage with their entertainment and honestly examine its merits. 

A Companion Site to the Fictitious Podcast

F&F is a sister site to Fictitious, a long-running podcast about the storytelling craft of science fiction and fantasy. While Fictitious is focused on the authors who write SFF novels and how they do it, F&F analyzes the books themselves from a reader perspective. The F&F site can also cover a much wider range of book releases than Fictitious’s podcast format allows for. 

Fictions & Fandoms was created by Adron Buske (the host/producer of Fictitious). It is a property of the Nerd For A Living family of programs and websites.

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