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Fictions & Fandoms is a book news and review site focused on Science Fiction & Fantasy novels of all sub-genres and age demographics. Our reviews are thoughtful, critical, and enthusiastic, and we aim to promote great books to a wider SFF audience.

If you are an author, publicist, or publisher looking to submit your book for review or feature, use the contact form below. Before submission, please review the following:

Submission Notes & Guidelines

  • Submissions and unsolicited review copies do not guarantee acceptance or content inclusion.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will need to provide either a retail copy or ARC (advance reader copy) of your book for review. Physical copies are always preferred, but eBook and NetGalley versions are acceptable.
  • If the book you are submitting is a sequel or part of a series, please consider providing all relevant books from the series for consideration and inclusion in promotional imagery.
  • Indie and digital-only authors should have professional quality covers and editing to be considered.
  • Age demographics welcome: adult, new adult, young adult, and middle grade.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for response.

Books we love to read and feature:

  • Thoughtful and challenging stories and perspectives
  • Character driven action & adventure
  • Diverse authors & character perspectives
  • Stories with unique world-building
  • Genre mashups
  • Novellas

Stuff we tend to avoid:

  • “Retellings” and “reimagined” takes on previously existing stories
  • Self proclaimed “Message Free” stories
  • Genre-clones of popular books or TV series
  • Run-of-the-mill vampire/werewolf/witches/etc.
  • Erotica (sexy stuff is fine, of course, as long as it’s not the primary focus of the novel)
  • Horror of the splatter or torture variety
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